Are Contacts The Right Choice For You?

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Many people have had contacts their entire lives but are hesitant to make the switch to contacts. There are a lot of frustrations that come with glasses such as the need to take them off for showering and other activities and nobody enjoys having to constantly push them back up their nose. There are a lot of benefits to wearing contacts and now you can get some contacts online kansas city mo after getting an exam from an optometrist for a much cheaper price than you can get them from an office. 

Like glasses, contact lenses improve your vision by refracting light. While they serve the same purpose, they do it in a different way. Instead of having to look through thick lenses that essentially are sitting on your face, contact lenses go directly onto your eye without getting in your way. Here are just some of the benefits you can get by making the switch to contact lenses. 

You Still Have Options 

Not only will you still be able to wear your glasses when you want them which is an important option in and of itself, but there are also a lot of different options when it comes to kinds of contacts. Your doctor can help you decide which kinds are the best for you. There are even colored contacts that are available with a prescription that will change the way you look and the way you see! 

Better Field Of Vision 

One of the most annoying things about contacts is that they give you a limited field of vision. Instead of having to turn your head in order to see things that are beside you, all you have to do is move your eyes. You won’t have to worry about your bulky glasses getting in the way of your peripheral vision or having your frames block your view! 

They Can Be More Comfortable 

While making the switch to contacts can be slightly uncomfortable at first while you are getting used to them, this usually goes away when you get used to them as long as there aren’t any underlying issues causing discomfort. Contacts are improving in design and getting more comfortable than ever, some types of contacts are so comfortable that you may even forget that you are wearing them at all. Glasses can make your nose and ears sore and sometimes even cause a sore with prolonged use. You won’t have to experience these problems when you are wearing contacts as they go directly onto your eyes without touching your face. 

They’re Better For Most Physical Activities 

If you enjoy sports, you probably already know how inconvenient glasses can be. Many times you have to use uncomfortable prescription goggles that have to be strapped to your face when engaging in activities like soccer, tennis, and much more. If you enjoy swimming as a sport or just for fun, you won’t have to worry about floating above the pool with impaired vision and you’ll be able to wear goggles right over your contacts!

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