Helping Loved Ones Adjusting To Senior Assisted Living

Nurse Making Notes During Home Visit With Senior Couple

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At one time it seemed that the previous generation was responsible for the raising of their children, and then those children raised their own. The current generation though has a new challenge facing them. With our parents living longer than their parents typically did, it seems things are coming full circle. Many of today’s adults go from caring for their children to as soon as they leave the home, needing to care for their parents. This frequently involves making decisions about finding a senior assisted living facility for their parents. 

Maintaining A Level Of Independence 

The key here is that senior assisted living services columbus oh residents know offer assistance to the elderly living their. The residents of those centers do not give up their full level of independence. Instead, the center is has professional staff who works with their residents assisting them at a minimum in the area of medication, dressing, and eating. Many residents move in needing minimal care and their need for care increases during their stay at the senior assisted living facility. 

Preparing For The Move 

Even though they do maintain a level of independence, this is a significant change in lifestyle for the elderly needing care. Many facilities offer an opportunity for future residents to come and visit the center and participate in activities before moving in. This allows them to anticipate what life will be like while living in the facility. They can also start to make friendships before their move by doing this. 

Adjusting After The Move 

Residents of assisted living facilities are not isolated from their nearby family members. While it is true there are specific visiting hours, the center helps continue to foster the family relationships. Senior assisted living facilities do this by having events such as cookouts, game nights and movie nights where family members are encouraged to share the experience in. 

Shopping and Recreational Trips 

Movies frequently portray assisted living facilities as somewhere that our loved ones are held captive. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most allow residents to be “signed out” by relatives for activities with their families. For those that live in the assisted living facilities but don’t have family in the area, they are not held captive by the center’s walls. As long as their medical care providers permit it, there are trips that assisted living facilities arrange for their residents. Some of these trips are shopping trips to shopping malls or local discount centers. Others offer trips that entertain such as ones to see local professional sports teams or go to a local casino for a few hours. 

Change Not Just For Change’s Sake 

Assisted living facilities try to provide more than just medical care. They care about the mental and social health of their residents. By offering the activities listed below, the centers keep the spirits of their residents up. In addition to these activities, add in holiday events organized for the residents of senior living facilities makes the lifestyle transition easier.

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