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The Increase of Plastic Surgeries in Poland In the past few years, the number of medical tourists traveling to Poland has doubled. Surgeons and doctors in Poland have made a name in offering fabulous cosmetic surgery procedures. Plastic surgery is aimed at reconstructing a body part. Burns and cuts in the body may have deformed such body parts. Deformations of body organs occur due to injuries, accidents, tumors, cancers, medical impairment, congenital disabilities, and fractures to mention a few. Fractured body parts are classified under reconstructive surgery since the main aim is to achieve its normal state. The most common procedures are the removal of breasts in cancer patients, removal of tumors, and hand surgery. The Procedures of Plastic Surgery The purpose of the operation will determine the procedures used when having plastic surgery abroad. The following are the standard procedures used in plastic surgery: Tissue Expansion. This procedure is geared towards enabling the growth of extra tissues around the surrounding skin. The process involves the use of a tool known as an expander. The machine that resembles a balloon is inserted under the human skin around the defected areas. It is filled with salty water to create room for expansion. Skin Grafting This procedure is characterized by removing a healthy piece of skin from one site and implanting it to the damaged area. In lay-man’s language, the skin is taken from one part of your body and implanted to another part. Microsurgery In this kind of surgery, small sutures are utilized to connect the nerves, veins, and arteries in the transplanted tissue. This process is geared towards making the healing process faster. Flap Surgery In this procedure, a piece of flesh is taken from one body part and implanted in another. The transplanted flesh has its blood supply and heals rapidly. The procedure is used in complicated situations. How Long Will A Medical Tourist Stay in Poland? The time you will spend in Poland is determined by the type of surgery you will undergo. Some operations will require you to be there for days while others you have to stay a little longer. An example of such a case is when one is being treated for burns. The time you will spend in the hospital is directly proportional to the percentage of the burnt area. However, after treatment, some people decide to visit incredible destinations in Poland. With the existence of stunning cities such as Krakow and Wroclaw, people are tempted to travel and enjoy life in the cities. Recovery Time This is also depended on the type of surgery you will undergo. Doctors advise their patients to rest a little longer. Recovery is also depended on the activities you engage in. Don’t stress your body too much during the recovery period. Also, avoid some tedious chores such as washing clothes and mopping the house for some time. The expertise of Poland surgeons has drawn people from all over the world. The increase in the number of medical visitors can also be traced on increased flights to polish cities. Discover more on going under the knife in polish cities by researching on reputable plastic surgery clinics.

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