Stomach/ Abdomen Disorders in Adults

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Bloating is a problem that occurs in the abdomen or the stomach of a person. Bloating happens when the gastrointestinal system is filled with air or gas. You feel bloated after you have a large meal and gas fills up your stomach. It’s similar to feeling extremely full. Your stomach will feel discomfort, full and tight. And sometimes its even painful. It will cause your clothes to be tighter as well. 

Common signs for bloating includes burping and belching frequently. Also you can experience some abdominal rumblings or gurgling. Bloating is mainly caused from something that you ate. The usual culprits includes lentils, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, turnips, etc. Sometimes dairy products can also cause bloating particularly in individuals with lactose intolerance. Other simple reasons for bloating includes constipation, menstruation in women, weight gain, over eating, re-flux and lastly swallowing air when eating too fast. 

Bloating is diagnosed by a physical checkup from the physician and questions related to your daily lifestyle habits. They would want to know if this condition is a one time occurrence or if it is frequent. Temporary bloating is not a concern but frequent bloating may require X-rays or a CT scan to make sure bloating is not a symptom to something more serious. 

There are many ways to prevent bloating, the basic way is avoid the foods that causes bloating and avoid chewing gum as it causes more swallowing of air. Don’t use straws and avoid carbonated drinks such as sodas. Reduce foods and drinks that contains fructose particularly in those sugar free products that contains artificial sweeteners. For constipation, take fiber supplements or increase quantity of fiber foods in your diet. Lastly, for smokers to quit smoking. 

There are multiple over the counter drugs and home remedies to treat bloating such as probiotics similar to does found in yogurt, simethicone, or charcoal caps. Natural herbs and remedies includes use of peppermint, ginger fennel, turmeric. Peppermint ginger tea is well known to treat bloating and digestive problems. 

Living with bloating is a pain and uncomfortable. The feeling of always being full disturbs your appetite. If over the counter drugs and remedies are not effective in treating then you must consult your physician as it can lead to something more serious. There are a team of gastroenterology doctors called Gastroenterology Associates that specialize in bloating Brooklyn NY. Their practice main focus is to provide excellent care to the patients and make them feel they are in trusted hands. The practice includes state of the art equipment and techniques all governed by American board certified doctors. Every one of these doctors has completed extensive and comprehensive clinical training as well as specialized training in their area of expertise. They strongly believe in patient communication and spreading awareness.

For spreading awareness they distribute pamphlets and brochures to patients after examining them. They treat bloating, hemorrhoids, hepatitis, perform different types of endoscopy, colonoscopy, PEG and more. Gastroenterologists provides excellent care and treatment to all their patients 


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