How to See Inside Our Bodies

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As humans, we are a curious creature. We love to learn and understand things we don’t know. For instance, wouldn’t it be nice if we could see inside of our bodies? Having this ability would make it so much easier for our doctors to help us when we are sick. Scientists agreed that it would be better if we were able to see what was going on inside of our bodies without having to cut into them. That is why machines with capabilities of seeing different aspects inside our bodies were invented. There are CT scans, MRIs, x-rays, and Ultrasound machines that all help us see what is going on inside our bodies.   

These different machines allow a different type of view to different parts of our bodies. X-ray machines help us to see our bones. They show us a basic image of our bones to help doctors check for any broken or damaged bones. CT scans are just a more detailed view of our bones. Instead of a basic image, they give us a more detailed image of our bones as well as of our blood vessels and soft tissues. MRIs are used to see inside of the body when the part of the body that is needed to be seen cannot easily be accessed by a CT scan. MRIs are used for seeing inside every aspect of the body, whether it be to see inside the brain for tumors or to see inside joints, cartilages, muscles, and tendons to look for injuries. MRIs are just an even more detailed look inside the body.   

However, these types of machines don’t come without their risks; they all use a form of radiation. While the risk to reward is generally minimal, there are certain times that the risk is just far too great. To be specific, when a woman is pregnant, it is important for the doctor to check up on the baby’s development during the pregnancy. The radiation waves used in x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs can be harmful to the growing baby. That is why an ultrasound machine is used to see inside of the woman’s womb instead. Ultrasound machines use high-frequency sound waves rather than radiation. These sound waves are at a higher decimal than what the human ear can detect. They are transmitted from a special probe into the body and bounce back after hitting different structures within the body. By doing so, doctors are able to measure the size and distance of things, such as a growing baby inside of a woman’s womb. When a woman believes she is pregnant and wants to see inside her womb, she can do a quick search online of ultrasound Mesa Az, or whichever city she is located in, and pick a facility to make an appointment. Aside from doctors, there are companies that specialize in 3D ultrasounds to get a better picture of your growing baby.    

Science is truly an amazing aspect of our lives. It enables us to understand so many things about our world. It has given us doctors, it has given us machines to see inside our own bodies. It has given us the ability to understand so many different and wonderful things.


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