How to Get a Better Night Sleep

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Being able to get a full nights rest can actually change a persons life. Sleep has direct affects on a persons health, physically and mentally. If you or someone you know struggles with sleeping, you know first hand the type of strain it can have on a person. But there is hope, there are strategies to getting a better nights rest. 

So how does someone go about getting a better nights sleep? The first thing many professionals recommend is setting a sleep schedule. It is imperative to have a healthy and consistent sleeping schedule. Firstly it is important to keep a regular schedule. That means getting up and trying to go to sleep at the same time everyday. Going to bed at a time you feel tired and sticking to it is a good place to start. Your body should naturally wake up when you’ve had enough sleep. If you are constantly waking up with an alarm clock, it might mean you should go to bed earlier. The next mistake people will make is sleeping in. This can disrupt your sleep schedule you have worked on keeping. It is good to wake up at the same time you usually do even on the weekends. If you end up feeling tired taking a nap can help solve that. But be responsible with your napping, a 15-20 minute nap can help provide additional energy. Anything more than that may cause problems sleeping at night. 

Another important strategy to utilize is the morning routineYour body produces melatonin naturally to make you sleepy. This chemical is produced when you aren’t being exposed to light, so when it’s dark you are naturally going to be more tired. To even further reinforce this, when you get up being exposed to natural sunlight can help you wake up. Also getting natural light throughout the day can help benefit your sleeping schedule. Eating breakfast outside, talking a walk, or even sitting by a sunny window when available will help your sleep. Getting exercise during the day is also something that has been shown to help. Any form of exercise at least two hours before bed can be beneficial for sleep aid. 

While getting natural light throughout the day is important. Avoiding light at night can be just as important. Staying away from bright screens an hour before bed can help your sleep drastically. Things such as your phone, computer, or TV can negatively affect your sleep for the night. Turning your brightness down is an alternative option, but doesn’t always work. If you try all of these options and still have difficulty sleeping, visit a sleep center Los Angeles Ca. can help. Being viewed by professionals may be able to help diagnose a sleep disorder that has been going untreated. 

These are just a few things to try when you have difficulty sleeping. There are many factors that go into sleep. Things such as anxiety, pain, and stress that may be the real underlying issue with your sleep. But remember a good nights sleep is something worth fighting for. It can help in physically, and mentally in so many ways.


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