Asking All The Right Questions Beforehand

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You’ve made the decision to end your pregnancy. This decision can often be a painful one to make, and it shouldn’t be made lightly or without asking questions. Once you understand the options that you have, there are a few questions that you should ask the abortion provider so that you’re clear as to what will happen during and after the procedure. 

When you go to an abortion clinic houston tx offers, you need to find out the name of the doctor who will perform the procedure as well as the names of some of the nurses who will be helping. You can also check the background of the provider and the licenses of the people who work at the clinic. If the people who work there don’t seem as though they are operating in a legal fashion or don’t want to disclose their general information, then you should consider finding a clinic that is medically sound and professional. Talk to the provider about your circumstances in private. You should feel comfortable being around this person and should feel as though the clinic has your best interests in mind instead of only performing an abortion and getting you out the door. Find out if the clinic offers any counseling services. Most clinics offer counseling before you have an abortion so that you clearly understand what will happen and how you might feel after the procedure. If you have any questions or doubts, then many clinics won’t perform the procedure until you’re 100 percent sure it’s what you want. 

Ask the clinic who you can contact if there are any complications and if the doctor will be able to treat you at local hospitals if there are any problems. Although many clinics don’t require payment before the procedure is performed, you need to ask if you would have to pay any money for the abortion even if you have questions and want to talk to someone first. If you change your mind about the procedure, find out if you will get any of the money back that you pay. If you’re unable to get a refund or if you have to pay a substantial amount of money for the procedure, then the clinic might be in business for money instead of the care of patients. 

An ultrasound is often an option at many clinics. Some doctors will require that an ultrasound is performed. Ask if you have to look at the image or if you need an ultrasound before you make a final decision about the procedure. The doctor will likely use an ultrasound image while performing the abortion to ensure that the fetus is removed from the uterus completely. If you want to view the ultrasound, then you need to find out if this is an option. Talk about the psychological complications that you might have after the procedure and if there are counseling services provided when needed after the abortion if you need someone to talk to in the days and weeks ahead.

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