A Simple Checkup Can Give You Your Life Back

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It is very unfortunate that cancer can happen to anyone of any background, at any age. If you are someone who is known to not keep up with your health, you could be at greater risk for developing cancer that you aren’t aware of. Sadly, there are hundreds and thousands of cancers out there that you can suffer from. Oral cancer is one that many individuals are completely oblivious to. Sometimes, there are absolutely no signs or symptoms that you could be suffering from a serious condition like oral cancer.According to Medical News Today, some of the symptoms and signs that you could possibly be experiencing a form of oral cancer include the following: patches, ulcers that don’t heal, swelling, a lump or thickening of the skin, pain when you swallow, loose teeth, dentures that seem to not fit anymore, a painful tongue, hoarse voice and pain in the neck or ear that does not seem to heal. There are also many other symptoms that will vary among different individuals. The chances for survival is actually pretty good if you catch this serious disease earlier on. Visiting your dentist every 6 months could possibly catch an illness and even give you your life back. 

Referring to the American Cancer Society, studies show that there will be an estimated number of more than 10,860 people in the United States who will end up losing their life to oral cancer. Oral cancers can happen to anyone of any age, but it is actually more common in men than in women. Studies have also found that oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers have been commonly occurring in or around the tongue, the tonsils and oropharynx, the gums, the floor of the mouth and other areas in the mouth. Fortunately, reports show that the death rate for oral cancers have been steadily decreasing over the years in the United States. If you were able to catch oral cancer in the earlier stages, you are able to possibly increase your chances of surviving and fighting it. 

If you suspect that you could be possibly suffering from an oral disease, such as oral cancer then make it a priority to visit your dentist. Your dentist can be able to properly examine and diagnose you if you are showing signs of oral cancer. You never want to wait and postpone your dental appointment, since your dental appointment can be your door to living life. In addition to possibly saving your life, seeing your dentist on a regular basis can be able to save you from a series of tooth pain in the near future. Your dentist can be able to detect decaying teeth before you actually experience any pain. Take time to consider searching for your nearest General Dentistry Ripon CA.

Remember, a simple check-up can save your life. You don’t want to ever postpone your appointments, since this may be the one chance you may have to fight a disease that you are unaware of having. Regular dental visits can do more for you then neglecting your visits.


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