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California Dream aka Cali Dream is an indica dominant strain known for its potency and pungent smell. It’s a decadent combination of Mexican and Afghani landraces that provides a boost of energy while relaxing the body. Its calming strain with delicious citrus, mint, sweet, herbal, and pungent flavor comes with an aroma that smells skunky, at the same time with sweet herbal fragrance.

Cali Dream is 70% indica prevailing hybrid with a top-grade heritage. It has an average THC content of 17% (though this  phenotype leans more on the fluffy side) and could reach over 90% indica – depending on the breeding. It’s a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain that has Mexican and Afghani genetics and strain-specific  pre roll by Cali Buds.


It produces a high feeling and quickly hits your mind, making you feel more active and creative. This strain also expands your potential to concentrate on your everyday tasks and got its best notes due to its taste and fragrance, such as a hint of citrus taste, pervasive mint, sweet taste, and skunk.

 It’s a cannabis strain with heavy yields because of its very thick resin coating and you get as much as 800 grams per plant outdoors and up to 550 grams per square meter indoors.


With feminized california dream seeds,  you can grow it, whether indoor or outdoor. If you are a novice grower, try to have supervision of an experienced cannabis grower because California Dream is quite challenging to grow. It grows like a Christmas tree shape, and could reach up to 4 ft tall; with bushy rich green leaves. It flourishes well when you employ Screen of Green controlled setup.

Cali Dream is easy to breed under intense light and will grow medium height. Plants grow well in an ideal environment with a light intensity of 400-600 Watts. There are only female california dream seeds available. Flowers grown indoors, take 65 days and yield five ounces per square foot. Though it is considered just a medium-sized plant, it needs more space as well as your time and effort to raise it.


Cali Dream is great for evening use and great for night time use if taken in high dosages. This strain is high quality having excellent effects on the body and the mind. Its characteristics make Cali Dream useful to patients in both physical and mental medical ailments. It also has the power to highly energize you with just first take and offers a very relaxing sensation that will last within a few hours. 


Cali Dream is available across legal states. Mary Janes Garden offers one of the best breed of Cali Dream. They’ve high quality of feminized seeds and guarantee fast germination – as long as you follow all the guidelines and method techniques.

If you’d want to have your cali dream seed be delivered at your doorstep with free shipping deals or even free seed – as long as you qualify, visit Maryjanesgarden.com