Mornings with Keurig Pods

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There is no question why the Keurig became such a common household product. Whether you are a busy mom, trying to keep up after children on the go, or a business professional needing the extra “get up and go” in the morning, the Keurig makes life a little easier! The best part of the device is the keurig pods, or k-pods, as we know them. These pods take out the hassle of coffee filters, cleaning and even choosing flavors. K-pods are made to help even the most indecisive person. 

Many popular coffee companies have put out their own line of k-pods. Starbucks, Dunkin, Folgers, and many more have made these pods. They are big enough for one cup, and they are not size exclusive. If you are like me and prefer just a nice 8 ounce cup with cream and sugar, they work. However, they even work for people who like 16 ounces, or maybe something stronger, or weaker, the choice is yours and the pod works for all! 

No longer are you tasked with brewing a whole pot of something that only you drink either. The best part of k-pods is the flavor choices. If you like the classic taste of coffee, they have it. If you like something seasonal like a peppermint mocha or a pumpkin spice, they have it. Or if you are looking for something that is good all year round, like a vanilla or caramel, they have it! 

The product is amazing, not only for homes, but also for businesses. Nothing is better than an early morning meeting where everyone is free to choose the coffee that they like the best. With so many k-pod options, everyone should be able to find what they want. The flavors do not stop at coffee, either. With tea, hot chocolate and cider options, no one is left out. 

The cleanup is very easy too. Simply pop the pod out of the keurig and discard. No more hassle with coffee filters and grimy grounds. No more washing out the pot and making sure everything is out. If the area of the pods and the machine are getting dirty, just cycle hot water through it. Companies are even working on making the pods more eco-friendly. They are in the works of making recyclable pods. 

However, for the more eco-friendly people, you can get a pod you fill yourself. It would require the coffee filter and grinds. It still makes the perfect amount for you, and you are able to clean and reuse the pod time and time again. No matter what you are doing, k-pods are a major time saver, and waste prevention. No longer are we required to brew an entire pot of coffee that only few will drink. No longer do we have to waste time scooping out coffee grounds and deciding if we really like the weird holiday flavor we bought. K-pods have taken all the work out of coffee in the morning, for a better day.


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