What Makeup Should You Wear to a Festival?

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Whether Glastonbury, Green Man or Creamfields is your idea of the perfect festival, you can get your look completely on-point if you plan your outfits and makeup in advance.

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Makeup is always a challenge at festivals because the amenities simply don’t allow for complex application or precision products! Without good lighting, a mirror, plug sockets, and space to lay out your makeup tools and applicators, any routine you do use needs to be simple.

Finding the Right Products

The key to success lies in using multi-functional products that save room in your bag. Look for chunky crayons or pigments that can be used anywhere on the face or body. Mineral pigments can be mixed with Vaseline or gloss to make an eye-shadow, cheek blush, lip tint or body shimmer. Chunky pigment crayons offer the same benefits and are very easy to apply on the go.

Essentials for Your Bag

Choose a foundation that you can apply easily on the go. A solid compact-foundation with a mirror is very handy if you can apply it with a sponge or your fingers. This can double up as a concealer, or you can opt for a more natural look with a sheer BB cream.

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Clear mascara is a multi-tasking hero and can be used on eyelashes and eyebrows alike to provide definition, control and shape. Even better, any mistakes that you do make will be invisible, so you can retouch on the go. Remember that the natural look goes perfectly with boho maxi dresses and loose hair.

Forget carrying a face powder and opt for blotting papers instead, as they are small, light and perfect for a pocket. It’s also well worth carrying a facial spritzer so that you can freshen up your look when you need a bit of a boost. Look for a maxi dress with a pocket for storage!

Don’t forget cleansing essentials either. Even at a festival you need to remove your makeup at the end of the day or you’ll end up with congested skin and a dull complexion. Use baby wipes as a bare minimum – and make sure you do a deep cleanse when you get home or try micellar water.

With a little clever thinking and some savvy multi-tasking products, you’ll be looking great as you enjoy the festival atmosphere this summer!

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