Building team spirit is one of the keys to success.

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Team sports don’t just rely on having great players but also having a great team spirit. A team full of excellent individuals still needs to have good communication and strong team morale to perform at its best. A team with mediocre individuals can perform at a higher level, simply by having great team communication. Read on to discover how to coach for better team spirit.

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Motivation and morale

It is also important to make sure you get to know the way each player is motivated. Blaming one player for a poor performance is not a great tactic, as this can ruin a player’s morale. Team sports should have collective responsibility and singling one player out can build resentment within the team, which is a bad thing for team spirit.

Communication and team building

Team sports need strong communication between players, in order to perform well. Making sure players have enough time bonding away from the sports pitch is a good way to build up relationships and encourage a better understanding between players. Doing activities that have nothing to do with the sport you play is a good way to encourage friendships. You could go bowling, to an amusement park or to the theatre or cinema. You could even all take a team-building cookery class together.

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A sense of humour

Teams will win or lose and a championship will come or it won’t. Whatever the case the team has to keep its sense of huomour to deal with everything that comes their way. Encourage jokes and surprise the team with a pizza as a treat one day after training. Another way to keep things fun is to play another sport or game at the end of a training session. This also helps to improve fitness! For example, if you coach a football team, you could play rounders or volleyball for a fun ending to a session.

The right kit

A seemingly small but very important point to consider is the look of the team itself. If they look good they, sometimes, play better. For example, a football team should have the right kit, including all the accessories to keep players feeling content, so they can concentrate on their game. There are lots of online stockists of Adidas Football Kits such as , so it is easy to make sure every player has a kit they enjoy wearing.

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