One Bun, Thousands Of Ideas

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Bakeries have all kinds of different types of bread. You can find everything from the simplest breads to the fluffiest pastries and cakes at a bakery. When think of breads and pastry, the country that pops into many people’s minds is France, and this is not at all surprising since some of the most popular pastries are French in origin. 

Any brioche buns certainly are one of the staples of a bakery, originating in France they are very similar to plain white bread with the exception of having a bit more butter and egg in them. This is what gives them their slightly richer and flaky or texture. When looking at one variety of these fancy French buns it is very easy to picture as a hamburger bun, and in fact many stores do use them as hamburger buns. They certainly do compliment a savory hamburger nicely by being sweet and savory themselves. In America we tend to think of these simply as the only kind of bun, however the wiki article describing them goes on to list 12 different types, including Chinois or “snail pie”, Alsace, King cake and Brioche vendéenne to name just a small portion of the list. This is certainly are a lot of buns for any bakery to try to keep track of, especially since they are not really all used for the same thing and not all of them will taste quite the same or be interchangeable. After all, only the Brioche tressée de Metz actually looks and would taste like a hamburger bun. The Brioche Saint Genix play resembles a donut and the Chinois sweet pastries, such as you would find at any good southern breakfast on Sundays. 

Of course you know you’ve got a great bakery when you can find all of the varieties of this particular, delicious, French buns on sale. In addition to the traditional French recipe that includes eggs and butter or cream, these bands have become so popular that there are even recipes that replace some major ingredients, and they can be turned into vegan treats, or modified to fit into other types of restrictive diets. although bakeries that sell these vegan and gluten-free treats are not very widespread, there are a few chain stores and a few brands that do have this and other pastries that will fit into a wide variety of different dietary restrictions. 

The versatility of this particular style pastry has made it extremely popular. It fits well and with breakfasts, lunches, snacks and even at the dinner table. Although bread is extremely versatile itself, there are very few styles that can be modified to fit into so many meals so effectively. This definitely is a great staple for any bakery, there are enough styles that is probably possible to even have a bakery dedicated to this one type of French bread. Even if the bakery itself is not dedicated to this particular style, there are enough different styles and varieties to keep people coming back to try a new and untried variation of this versatile bun.

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