Untreated Hearing Problems Are Concerning

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About 48 million people in America suffer from hearing loss. While hearing problems can appear at any age, in many cases, says one hearing specialist lawrence in residents tend to ignore common issues, allowing hearing issues to go un-diagnosed. Hearing loss is more common with advancing age: between the ages of 45 and 54, around eight per cent of the population are affected, while over 36 per cent of the population is over 74 years of age. But even among young adults, about one in forty has hearing problems. 

In addition, those affected, despite the hearing loss, initially ignore symptoms and rarely consult a specialist, often believing they have pretty good hearing. Others question the effectiveness of an acoustic device or give it up for mainly cosmetic reasons. Self-diagnosis is not advisable when it comes to hearing loss. Hearing loss can occur gradually and proceed so slowly that the affected people hardly notice that their hearing is diminishing. Often the problem is also repressed. Recognizing that you are suffering from hearing loss and wearing a hearing aid is a difficult decision for many. 

Optimal hearing is important for the quality of life. In fact, a decrease in hearing often limits daily activities, and can put you in danger when in traffic. Hearing loss is not a consequence of decreased mental performance but could become its cause. This is because hearing does not only affect the ears; in the case of untreated hearing loss, the unused neural connections regress in the acoustic center of the brain, thus forgetting the perception of the sound signals. The sooner the hearing problems are corrected with a hearing aid, the more effective the use of the device will be. 

Alarm Bells of Something Wrong 

A television turned up too loud, or problems following a conversation, and asking a person to repeat what was said are symptoms of a person with hearing problems. Speech comprehension difficulties are typical of hearing loss, in which the perception of high sound frequencies deteriorates. This is often the beginning of a progressive hearing problem, and a professional consultation with a specialist is recommended. 

An audiometric test must be performed by an experienced and practical specialist who has medical equipment. Only in this way can one establish whether a hearing loss is present and find a method to cure it. The test involves the detection of the audible threshold of the tones of different frequencies for air conduction and bone conduction. An audiogram recognizes and quantifies further problems in language comprehension. So, the expert can make a diagnosis of the type and severity of any hearing loss. 

Some possible diagnoses for hearing loss may be: age, noise, some diseases or ototoxic substances (toxic to the inner ear), as well as problems with sound conduction in the middle ear. Modern acoustic devices are efficient, individual and discreet. Not only are they so small that they are hardly noticed but can be adapted to different listening situations and comfort. But a diagnosis and possible treatments are necessary to allow for early detection.

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