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Save Time and Money by Visiting Your Local Urgent Care

Unfortunately, life happens. This means that no matter how healthy we try to keep our family, acute illnesses or accidents that causes injuries do happen. Twenty years ago, when people were acutely ill or dealing with injury, they would either suffer with it until they could get in with their primary care physician or they would make the decision to seek treatment at an emergency room. Today there is a third option and that is to seek out treatment at an urgent care, such as urgent care Converse County, WY

Keep in mind that if it is a true medical emergency, then you will want to seek treatment at an emergency room facility. Such emergencies include someone who is having a severe allergic reaction, someone who is experiencing chest pain, a broken bone that is protruding from the skin, or a suspected head injury. The emergency room should technically only be utilized by individuals though for true emergencies, so keep that in mind when deciding between seeking out treatment at the ER or at an urgent care. Also, keep in mind that seeking out care at an emergency room department is much costlier then receiving treatment at an urgent care. 

While an urgent care facility does not treat life threatening emergencies or address severe injuries, there are still plenty of medical situations in which a visit to urgent care is the perfect option. Examples of medical issues that an urgent care can treat, and address include simple sprains or breaks, a cut that needs stitches, someone who is experiencing vomiting, diarrhea, or dehydration, and an individual who is experiencing a severe sore throat or cough. 

In addition to addressing acute injuries and illnesses, you may be surprised to know that most urgent care centers also offer other medical services. If you have a teenager that needs a sports physical, then check out your local urgent care and you will probably find out that they will complete in there, with no appointment and at an affordable price. Do you have a toddler who is behind on immunizations because you just can’t get a convenient appointment at their primary care doctor? If so, visit an urgent care as most of urgent care centers do administer vaccinations and immunizations. If you get injured at work and must file a workman’s compensation claim, you will also most likely be sent to an urgent care facility for treatment and evaluation. 

Urgent care centers allow you to seek out quality medical care quickly and normally without an appointment. You don’t have to wait days to get in with your family physician and you no longer must wait for hours at the emergency room and then later shell out hundreds of dollars due to an ER visit bill. If you are dealing with an acute illness or injury, then consider visiting your local urgent care for treatment. The urgent care staff and doctors can have you or your family member feeling better, far quicker than you thought possible.


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