Few Tips on Sale of Wine for Holiday Season 2020

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Right from the start of the year 2020, a pandemic situation created by COVID-19 shook the wine industry hard. As a consequence of that, several bars, hotels and restaurants closed their doors because their sales were largely dependent on the hospitality and tourism industry.

Moreover, during the summer season, many people were considering to turning their unsold wine into sanitizer. Due to trouble with sales and also increased cost to maintain vineyard work organizations to prevent the virus to spread, winegrowers are now finding a difficult time to cope with all the cost.

Now news of the second wave of this epidemic coming from a few parts of Europe, many winegrowers are looking again into the future with dismay. Especially now it looks like that the second wave may coincide with the peak time when the wine is sold, that is during the Holiday season.

Therefore, in this post, we have listed down a few tips on wine sales during the coming Holiday season of 2020, where again the lockdown will shape the lives of people in the Northern Hemisphere.

  1. Custom wine totes for holiday promotions

By using custom wine bags that are supplied by Custom Earth Promos, you will attract many customers with a gift during the holiday session. Be it at camping holidays, dinner parties, and beach house or also in their daily lives, your wine bags with your logo will be handy to keep all drinks flavorsome and fresh.

  1. Sell through own online store

Although the epidemic situation has changed our lives, online stores are still doing a brisk sale. So, during this uncertain situation, it will be best to take the help of the e-commerce route. This can help you to sell all your available stocks which did not move for all these days.

  1. Make use of a few established retailers and other online platforms

If you still do not have your online store, then it is time to consider having one. If you look at the sales data of different wines during the lockdown, then you will find even a small winery could sell between 5,000 and 50,000 cases annually.

  1. Sell wine “on-premise”

In addition to selling your wine online, you must also join with a few other distributors who deliver the wine on the premise of the customer too. During this trying time, you need to be a little innovative to increase your sales drive. 

  1. Use social media

Social media is another great platform where you can connect with many different consumers worldwide, which can promote winery, and also increase your sales of gift sets, wines, and also create your wine tasting events online.

It is expected that Holiday orders that are linked to social media advertisements and posts will continue to rise. So, if you are running your online store, then connect it with any social media platforms.

  1. Virtual wine tastings

Since the first coronavirus wave started, many wineries have successfully implemented their virtual wine tastings. By providing meaningful interactions and also offering goods based on your consumers’ needs, you can sell your wine.