6 useful and effective exercises for the inner thigh

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Taking care of your body throughout the year, with the sole objective of liking yourself and feeling good is important. For those who want to tone the inner thigh, let’s see together 6 simple exercises to do at home.

Keeping fit in daily life can help you feel better, and so does physical activity, but it is important to recognize that each body is different and beautiful, as it is, without the need to change it. For those who like to train there are many parts of the body that can be toned, including the inner thigh, with useful exercises.

The key thing to remember is that the important thing is to like yourself and not try to change your body because it feels aesthetically inadequate. Those that society has forced us to see as defects are instead particular and signs that tell us, and for this reason, they are beautiful and have value. It can happen, however, to have areas that we want to tone up, not to change or improve ourselves. For the inner thigh, there are simple exercises to do at home or in the gym, which allow, with constant training, to have more toned legs.

How to tone the inner thigh

Let’s first dispel the myth of the costume test, because the best way to love us is to take care of our body all year round, in the way we prefer. We also stop listening to phrases like “flaccid inner thigh”: losing muscle tone in the inner thigh is normal, and indeed toning the thigh is not easy, because the adductors, that is the muscles that are in that point of the leg, are not they are naturally solicited in everyday life.

It is, therefore, a widespread detail, which must not be a problem, especially if you like and do not want to intervene to change something that is already fine. Those who like to see themselves or want to try to have a more toned inner thigh exist exercises that help, but it must be their own choice. It can also happen that the inner thigh loses muscle tone, and in this case, the causes can be of various types: advanced age or pregnancy, but also a substantial weight loss, can soften the muscles, even if you follow a proper diet and regular physical activity. Therefore, it is a detail that can be firmed up with simple and effective exercises.

Exercises for the inner thigh

The gymnastics and yoga are meeting in this regard with effective exercises and simple enough that you can play quietly at home or in the gym, they do appear, over time, the more toned inner thigh. The fundamental rule is to decide to do it for yourself and to have the right motivation and consequently the effectiveness because done in a healthy way. The second rule is constancy: repeating these exercises every day or every other day for a few minutes guarantees an assured result.

The positive thing is that, once a good result is achieved, you can decrease the intensity and the frequency, while continuing to train to keep the fruit of the work, without having to do too aggressive workouts. Let’s see 6 exercises for the inner thigh.

  1. Exercises for the inner thigh: squats

A very useful exercise for a complete workout is squats. Their beneficial effects are many, including firming the inner thigh. The squats are in fact aimed at strengthening the quadriceps, and with them the whole thigh. To focus on the inside, they should be carried out with the legs half apart and the tips of the feet facing outwards.

Making sure to keep the spine well straight, even with the help of a wall to lean on, down with the pelvis while keeping our feet firmly on the floor, then climb slowly to the starting position. It is good to start and proceed gradually, especially if you have not been exercising for some time, with sets of a few repetitions, until you get to the ideal training of 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

  1. Firming the inner thigh: lateral elevation

The lateral raises are more specifically aimed at the inner thigh. To carry them out, it is necessary to lie down on one side with the underlying leg slightly bent. At this point, lift the outer leg keeping it straight and taut, with the heel in line with the hip and the toe of the foot with a hammer.

You must try to raise your leg as much as possible and then slowly lower it, without touching the floor. For the exercise to be effective, 3 sets of 10 repetitions are excellent.

  1. Exercises with the ball

The ball is a useful tool for different exercises. For the inner thigh, you can use it in two different ways. The first is sitting on a chair with your back straight and holding a ball between your knees, the alternative is instead lying on your back with your elbows resting on the ground and your knees bent.

The exercise is simple: just squeeze the ball with your legs repeatedly, first slowly in 20 reps and then faster, as many times. It is important to be able to carry out the activity starting from the contraction of the legs and buttocks, and not from the knees. Exhale when tightening the ball helps to use the right adductors and muscles.

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  1. The lateral lunges

The lunges are useful exercises for inner thighs because they use just the muscles located in that part of the leg. To carry them out, it is necessary to extend one leg sideways with a wide movement while maintaining the Deca-Durabolin en France upright position. Simultaneously with the lateral step, bend the knee and slowly get up after a few seconds to return to the initial position. The movement, also repeated with the other leg in three sets of 10, guarantees an excellent result.

  1. Toning the inner thigh: the crossings

Bring a yoga mat to make crossings, a slightly more difficult but very useful exercise. In the four-legged position, raise your right leg taking care to always keep your back straight. Then cross the right leg with the left until it touches the outside of the mat with the tip of the foot and then repeat with the left leg. We must try to move only the legs and not the torso or the pelvis, so the exercise will be performed correctly and will consequently be effective. Exercise to be repeated with 3 sets of 10 for each leg.

  1. Spreads

To make the adductors work, the spreads are ideal. Just lie down with your back on the ground and your arms stretched by your sides. Then bring the legs up, so that they form an angle of about 90 В° with the pelvis. Then slowly open them and hold for 2 seconds, then close them again until your feet touch. Repeat the exercise with 3 sets of 10 spreads, with a pause of a few minutes between one and the other.

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