5 Truths About Vaping

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Vaping has taken the scene by storm in recent years. During the process of vaping, people inhale aerosols that involve e-liquids and specific devices. Maybe you’re interested in giving it a try, or you just want to learn more.

Here are five truths about vaping that you need to know.

1.  The Popularity of Vaping on The Rise

According to trusted sources, about 55 million adults around the world will vape by 2021. This is due to changing regulations, social image, and the discreteness that vaping offers. Coupled with the rising demand to buy box mod for vaping among millennials, experts predict the vape market will see a growth rate of 23% between 2020 to 2027.

2.  Nicotine-Free E-Liquids Are a Better Option

One of the best aspects of vaping is the wide variety of nicotine-free e-liquids you can choose from. Nicotine-free juices come in different flavors ranging from strawberry to citrus. You can also find cheap yet quality e-juices that are free of toxins. Overall, such e-juices offer you the chance to escape the use of addictive substances and the withdrawal symptoms associated with them. Weed vape is also an option that is growing popular today.

3.  Vaping Isn’t Risk-Free But Less Harmful

Photo by Almighty Shilref from Pexels

Despite the absence of tar produced with its carcinogenic properties, vaping isn’t entirely safe. The prolonged use of nicotine vapes and other addictive vaping juices eventually result in several adverse effects.

Notable among these adverse effects are lung and heart diseases. Also, the accumulation of compounds present in some vape aerosols, including vitamin C acetate and propylene glycol, can increase the possibility of lung and liver conditions.

4.  Vaping Offers a Cessation Tool

Among the advantages of vaping, many believe it’s a potent cessation tool. However, it’s more complicated than it sounds. Its convenience, such as the ability to use in different places, various flavors, and varying nicotine strengths, may render it more addictive.

On the flip side, keeping away from addictive products and using quality juices or equipment can also make it a practical cessation tool.

5.  Research on The Effects Are Still Ongoing

Photo by Ruslan Alekso from PexelsThough you can find some studies on vaping and its effects, it’s advisable to always focus on the latest. So far, limited studies show different results that point toward promising outcomes. Irrespective of your reasons for vaping, the latest studies offer the facts and scientific proof to help you make the right decisions about vaping.


Vaping has become very prevalent around the world, and regulations surrounding its use continue to evolve. The authorities concerned with making vaping safe for users have done their part. It’s up to you to practice safe vaping by using high-quality products with no addictive substances to minimize the risk of harmful health effect