How Can Cannabis Oil Be Helpful for Cannabis Use Disorder?

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It has been said that cannabis products can never be addictive. However, the bad news I that this is not true. Cannabis use disorder is one such issue that needs to be tackled. It has affected about 9% of cannabis users at some point.

This is due to the component named THC that is found in marijuana. This is said to be very addictive. On the other hand, CBD is said to be helpful to break this marijuana addiction. As they are legally allowed in many countries, you can compre CBD en linea easily. All you need to do is look for reliable proveedores CBD Colombia such as Just CBD store, which itself has a good customer rating. Here in this article, we are writing about the in-depth guide about this cannabis use disorder.

About Cannabis Use Disorder:

Cannabis or Marijuana Use disorder is very common in the US amongst people in teens or early 20’s. This is in association with some substance use disorder, mental and behavioral problems. This usually lasts for about 3-4 years.

The common symptoms amongst this disorder include:

  1. Taking cannabis for a longer time than recommended
  2. Unable to control the desire to use it
  3. Failure to fulfill any work, or school or family
  4. Neglecting one social, occupational, or recreational activities over the use of cannabis
  5. Even though you are physically not well, you cannot stop yourself from using cannabis
  6. Withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop cannabis

Depending on all these symptoms, your doctor will describe them as mild, moderate, or severe problems.


It is very sad to say that this is a very common disorder, but very few people seek treatments. The most likely used treatment here is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). The other options may include contingency management and motivational enhancement therapy.

  1. The most common withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, fatigue, and dream disorders. By using pharmaceutical medicines, an individual would be able to get himself freed from this cannabis with minimal discomfort. This includes:
  2. FAAH Inhibitors: Which helps to inhibit this enzyme will increase the production of natural cannabinoids, thus reducing the need for plant cannabinoids like THC.
  3. Allosteric Modulators: This alters the shape of the body’s cannabinoid receptors which makes it more difficult for THC to bind with them. Thus, making it less desirable to use.

Uses of CBD oil for this disorder:

CBD works differently on all the properties which we mentioned above:

  1. Anxiety and sleep – CBD is said to have anti-anxiety property, which influences the endocannabinoid system and the serotonin receptors of the brain. It also has helped to improve sleep disorders.
  2. Inhibiting FAAH – CBD has the property of improving the production of naturally occurring cannabinoids of our system. It also raises the level of anandamide, which is very important to handle different functions of our body including handling stress response.
  3. Allosteric Modulation – CBD is a negative allosteric modulator. It alters the cannabinoid receptor shape making it difficult for THC to bind.

How to use it?

Most people use it sublingually by adding it under the tongue and then swallowing it after some minutes. Others might also use vape pens with CBD oil.