Invisible Braces? Invisalign, A Popular Alternative to Traditional Braces

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Invisalign braces are a good investment for people of all ages who are interested in displaying beautiful, straight teeth. The Invisalign treatment offers to both straighten and whiten teeth in a short length of time. Traditional braces include painful metal that is stuck to the teeth with medical adhesive. With traditional braces, one must go to the dentist for tightening which straightens the teeth over the course of 2 to 3 years. In all cases, this straightening is achieved by hooking rubber bands on different brackets on the metallic brace. Invisalign offers to straighten teeth in less time and is an affordable alternative to traditional braces. 

There are many dentists all over the states who are trained to provide Invisalign treatments. As with any business, it is important to look at the reviews associated with the dentist before scheduling an appointment. Search for any invisalign services knoxville tn and many results will appear depending on which internet search engine is used. The results include Invisalign dentists that are in the area, their contact details, and reviews from prior patients who received Invisalign treatments from the listed dentist. There are also helpful tips about how to properly maintain Invisalign trays and frequently asked questions. 

One question that may be on the mind of a prospective patient is will there be pain? Yes. Some patients do report experiencing temporary pain. The good news is compared to traditional braces, the pain fades faster. To be certain, there will be pain in the mouth area because braces, of any kind, shift the teeth, and gums into a desired area to achieve an effect of straight teeth. Traditional braces use rubber bands attached to different brackets on both the top and bottom braces of the teeth to correct overbites, under bites, gaps and other dental issues. Invisalign is different in that there is nothing attached to the teeth. Instead, a custom plastic mold is made of the patient’s teeth which the patient wears mostly at night. The great thing about Invisalign is patients don’t have to always wear the molds. The molds can be removed when needed. Each new mold is designed to be slightly different in order to correct any gaps and straighten. Sometimes, the molds would need to be worn all day in order to achieve the desired effect, however, they are clear so no one will be able to detect them. The invisibility might be one of Invisalign’s main advantages for young and old alike. Some children may feel more comfortable around other children at school if they have Invisalign braces vs traditional braces. Of course, older people get braces as well, and some may find that getting braces for a second time in life would be easier with the invisible, easy to take out trays that Invisalign provides. Invisalign braces are said to be able to straighten the teeth within 12 months. Please note, there is pricing information available online, however the price varies based on the needs of the patient. Depending on the type of dental insurance, a small portion of Invisalign treatments may be covered.

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